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Have you ever observed someone and then found yourself doing something similar? Perhaps you saw a doctor and thought, “I want to be a doctor too.” Or maybe you watched a movie star and decided that you wanted to be an actor.
This phenomenon is called the “observation effect,” It plays a significant role in human behavior. It’s what drives people to do the things they see others doing.
For example, if you grow up in a community of Nepali immigrants, you’re more likely to become a gas station owner because that’s what you see around you. Or, if you know many people working in the IT field, you might be more likely to start your own IT career. Or, if you start your IT career at a big company, you’re more likely to create your own IT company someday.
The Observation effect is a powerful tool that can influence our behavior positively and negatively. In a positive sense, it can drive us to achieve our goals. But in the negative sense, it can also lead us to imitate the bad behavior of others.
For example, negative trends in TikTok, like people going live and asking for gifts without providing any value to the community, influence others to do the same. Are we a community of digital beggars? Is that what we are trying to show? So it’s essential to be aware of the influences around us and make sure that we’re not letting them lead us down the wrong path.
So, the next time you find yourself influenced by the observation effect, ask yourself whether it’s leading you towards your goals or away from them. And if it’s the latter, try to find a different role model to follow. After all, we can only achieve our dreams if we’re willing to work hard and stay focused on what’s important.
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Published On: April 10th, 2022Categories: Uncategorized313 words0 Comments

About the Author: Balkrishna Pandey